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Better Information - Better Decisions

Useful tool for Condo Owners and Condo Management
to make right choices using

Prices and KPIs Comparison

Open Communications

Open Fair Tender

Condo Business Intelligence Solution 

that is a Virtual Toronto Condo Community consisting of 3 web-resources 

that will help Condo owners, Condo Management to make  

savvy-wise decisions and make Condo life better

to provide Condo Services Market Prices Transparency and Comparability

collects Condo Statistics,

publishes Ranks based on different KPIs

to provide private, public internal and external communications between Owners and Condo Boards
on Problems and the Best Practice

Coming in February 2020

facilitates Condo Owners to discuss Condo problems internally and externally

to provide 
a Fair Open Competition
between Contractors,
equilibrium market prices and improved quality of Condo Services

Coming in February 2020

connects Condo Contractors with OwnersDirectors and Managers directly 

Condo Business Intelligence Solution is for:

to check other Condos Maintenance Fee and KPIs 

Condo Service Contractors

to check the prices and make offers to Condominiums directly