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Make a smart decision on Condo Rental Investment based on

ROI, Market Price Growth and Rental Income 

Toronto Downtown Condos Ranks and KPIs

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Ranking is based on the following KPIs:

ROI - Return on Investment (Gain from Investment – Cost of Investment)/Cost of Investment), Annualized Rate based on Average Indicators

CapRate - Capitalization Rate or Net Operational Rental Income based on Current Property Market Price (MV). Calculates as last year Annual ((Rental Price - Property Tax - Property Insurance - Maintenance Fee)/ Current Market Value), %

MVG - Property Market Value Annual Growth, %

DoM - Days on Market  (Average Number of Days to be on the Market to sell a Condo), Days

MV   - Average Market Value of Condo Sales based on current statistics. Updating once a Quarter

R PR - Average Rental Price of a Condo ($/SF) based on current statistics. Updating once a Quarter